Lead Like Jesus was an enriching 2 days seminar that reminded us that Jesus’ teachings are still relevant today-not just in our spiritual walk but also in our personal, family and work life as well. I was personally inspired to lead more humbly, instead of being authoritative and bossy as the worldly role models teach us.

Vishal Das
Product Marketing Specialist / Oracle

The LLJ encounter has made many of us move into a time of contemplation, reflection and solitude. A phase in all our lives when could pause, sit back and retreat for a moment and reflect on our purpose for the kingdom. I’m sure this encounter has been deep and an encounter with our inner being. We are committed to drive, journey along and encourage our staff to encounter the 6 weeks study guide.

Anand Joshua
Executive Director / Christian Institute of Management

I would like to share my testimony today.There was time I was in EGO.I was fearful, insecure and didn’t feel myself good.People around me always used to point out my weakness which led to EGO and in its outcomes were as mentioned in today’s audio. Was separated from God.I can say this because I was not able to receive the word of God in my life.I was keeping myself far from people. I was fearful from being rejected.Sometimes I compromised because of being rejected.But I Prayed for this continuously and He delivered me from Fear.

Neha Lakra
After our Ranchi Encounter

The Lead Like Jesus 6 week study guide is really amazing...It's like God is taking me through a phase of inner healing..bringing out the hidden areas and issues in my life I was not even aware of..and replacing them with more of Him...I feel this guide is indeed a blessing and life transforming.

Dr Joni Grace
From Ranchi Encounter

I want to praise God for giving me the opportunity of learning through the LLJ encounter. A new leadership role has been given to me in church and I thank God for giving me these resources to equip me. Would much appreciate your prayers as I look to our Lord Jesus for His guidance. Thank and praise God for the team of facilitators too.

From Encounter @ Wings, Bangalore
  1. After LLJ, I have realised that there were a couple of areas where I was operating out of fear. Over the past 3 days, I have been trying to be consciously assertive and respectful in my conversations than fearful.
  2. LLJ was a good reminder to me on the power of God's word. I had used verses to speak life at a certain season in my life but then had somehow forgotten about it . I've started doing that all over again and it is very strengthening.
From IJM Encounter @ Bangalore

I would like to say a big "THANK YOU" for the LLJ team for taking sincere effort to teach and train our graduating students. Our students are blessed by the LLJ Encounter. They said that they could learn many new things about leadership applicable in personal life and ministry life as well.

Rev. Binu C.P
Academic Dean, Olive Theological College

I recently started on the study guide and end of Week 1/Day 1, Holy Spirit gave me 2 action items and one was to speak to my paternal uncle and reason out that I had been the person who probably caused a misunderstanding between him and my mother and that my mother was not at any fault. He wasn’t speaking to my mother since 2 months and my mother was feeling very bad about it. Though I had not really done anything wrong but I knew God wanted me to humble and bring peace between the two, so I decided to call him in the morning without my mother knowing. But after I came home that day from my walk, my mother received a call and I heard her speak, it was none other than that same uncle and they reconciled. If we take one step, God takes the next 9 steps to complete. Praise God !

Pramila Thomas
From Hyderabad Encounter

This messages are very helpful for me to keep me on track. Every morning I wait to listen and after noon and night before I sleep I check that did I practice that or not. Thanks for messages.

From Bangalore Encounter

Thank you very much for being so consistent in sharing such enriching devotional. Personally am blessed immensely...I praise God for such intentional effort of LLJ to develop Servant Steward Leaders.

Mr. Jacob Rasaily