Lead Like Jesus Leadership Development Facilitators are persons who desire to help spread the Lead Like Jesus message by facilitating Lead Like Jesus Leadership workshops under the Lead Like Jesus India society. These are men and women who have attended the LLJ ENCOUNTER and have been transformed by Jesus. They have then, chosen to get trained to become a facilitator and have made a commitment to serve God through by being available to facilitate LLJ encounters in India.

Through our Indian facilitator network, thousands of men, women and children around the country are learning to lead like Jesus, resulting in countless transformed homes, churches, schools, organizations and communities.

Some of our facilitators

  • Deepa Chandrasekhar

    Deepa Chandrasekhar

  • Vivian Angelo

    Vivian Angelo

  • Reupah Philips

    Reupah Philips

  • Simon Rodrigues

    Simon Rodrigues

  • Santosh Jagdhane

    Santosh Jagdhane

  • Saji Philips

    Saji Philips

  • Mercy Wesley

    Mercy Wesley

  • Lexter Martin

    Lexter Martin

  • Prem Sarkar

    Prem Sarkar